• ZMA92C Multifunctional Gravure Printing Machine

    ZMA92C Multifunctional Gravure Printing Machine

    Machine features:

    ◆High paper pile feeder, the height of paper pile can reach 1500mm, paper can be fed and collected without stopping the machine.

    ◆The cylinder clutch and the squeegee clutch are both pneumatically controlled, with simple structure and smooth action.

    ◆This machine adopts dual drying system of hot air knife and far infrared rays, which is suitable for high-speed printing.

    ◆This machine has a variety of optional functions, which can achieve special printing effects such as UV matte, ice, and wrinkling.

    ◆Swing paper delivery mechanism controlled by new conjugate cam.

    ◆Efficient and stable delivery device.

    ◆No impact roller bite opening and closing system.

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  • ZMA105 Multifunctional Gravure Printing Machine

    ZMA105 Multifunctional Gravure Printing Machine

    Machine features:

    This machine has advanced structure, complete functions, simple operation and stable operation. 

    ◆Adopting Japanese high-speed offset press front rules and paper delivery design technology, the printing speed can reach 13,000 sheets per hour, the paper delivery is stable, the positioning is accurate, and the noise is low;

    ◆The detonation and wrinkle lamp holder adopts an integral movable structure, and the position of the detonation and wrinkle lamp can be adjusted by manual operation outside the machine to produce different printing effects, which is more in line with the requirements of printing individuality;

    ◆UV curing, infrared drying and detonating lamps are all supported by a water-cooled chassis to reduce internal heat accumulation and effectively prevent printed products from scalding.

    ◆Empty sheet, crooked sheet, double sheet photoelectric detection and mechanical double sheet detection, automatic shutdown of paper feeding failure;

    ◆Double-diameter embossing and rolling, small paper deformation, high printing speed, plug-in blanket, easy to replace;

    ◆Pneumatic control of roller clutch and squeegee clutch, automatic adjustment of paper thickness without stopping the machine, simple structure and convenient maintenance;

    ◆The non-marking paper delivery tooth row avoids the shadow of ultraviolet light and improves the curing effect.

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